Journey back to a simpler time

Player's Gear is a local guitar shop, plain and simple. It's got cool guitars that are made to tell a story, cool amps that you can crank up, cool accessories to add to your tone pallete, and cool musicians hanging out. We cater to both experienced players and beginners. Whichever category you fit in, you can probably find something you always needed in the shop. When you come in, you can expect the environment of a classic mom and pop guitar shop. Not the biggest place in the world, but chock full of cool stuff.

The shop specializes in the eclectic and the funky. If you're looking for stuff that doesn't quite fit into the mix at the massive guitar emporiums, you've found a new cool place to buy gear. We have hand-wired pedals, hand-built amps, cool wall art, and can hook you up with some cool guitar mods. This combination makes for a broad spectrum of instruments and effects. Almost any player will find something they are looking for.

Or maybe you've found yourself saying: "I used to love the way this guitar played (or sounded). Now, it doesn't have the feel or sound it used to."

Often, when your guitar doesn't sound as good as it used to or has gotten hard to play, it is just a sign that it's time to get it serviced. If it used to sound/play good, then it can do so again. The shop offers a CLICK HERE to check out some of the rates for common maintenance and repairs.

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