Maintenance and Repair Services

It's always more enjoyable to play your guitar when it is set up to play comfortable for you.  I offer a variety of services to keep your instrument playing at it's finest.


String change--$10 + cost of strings
Truss rod adjustment--$10
Setup--$55 includes:
String change (labor only)
Assess and adjust truss rod
Assess frets
File, crown, and polish up to four frets as needed.
Assess nut
Repair nut and/or file string slots for proper height at nut
Intonate bridge
Polish guitar
    Setup Tremolo Guitar--$75
    Fret dressing--$100 includes regular setup + the following:
    Level frets
    Crown frets
    Polish frets
      Fabricate bone nut or saddle--$50
      Neck Heat Press (to straighten warped neck)--$75 and up
      Electrical repair and wiring $50/hour + parts