Maintenance and Repair Services

Have you ever said:

"I used to love the way this guitar played (or sounded). Now, it doesn't have the feel or sound it used to."

Often, when your guitar doesn't sound as good as it used to or has gotten hard to play, it is just a sign that it's time to get it serviced. If it used to sound/play good, then it can do so again. Here is some pricing of common repairs.


String change--$12 + cost of strings
String change 12 string or locking tremolo--18+ cost of strings
Truss rod adjustment--$12
Setup--$60 includes:
String change (labor only)
Assess and adjust truss rod
Assess frets
File, crown, and polish up to four frets as needed.
Assess nut
Repair nut and/or file string slots for proper height at nut
Intonate bridge
Polish guitar
    Setup Tremolo Guitar--$80
    Fret dressing--$110 includes regular setup + the following:
    Level frets
    Crown frets
    Polish frets
      Fabricate bone nut or saddle--$60
      Neck Heat Press (to straighten warped neck)--$75 and up
      Electrical repair and wiring: call for an estimate--most of the time, it's a simple job, but there are some jobs--for example, some active pickup installations or semihollow guitars--that get much more complicated and will cost more.
        • replace pickup, jack, pot, or switch--$35 (I can use your part or order the part for you)
        • each additional pickup, pot, or switch--$15

       Replace tuners--$30

      Crack repair--$40 and up

      Reglue bridge--$120 and up