How Player's Gear began

Just like most shops, it didn't start with a strong desire to run a store.  For Player's Gear, it began with just wanting to make some music.
I bought my first guitar at Studio B in Marion, IN.  It was the first step in a long journey.  I loved going to hang out there and enjoyed the camaraderie of local musicians. 
I got to hang out with guys with names like "Freak", "Screechman", and "the custodian (because he was always sweep picking)".   I got to learn from some of the best guitarists in the area including John Logan (who ran the day to day business) and Doug Weaver (the owner).  There was always a discussion going on about something.  Could have been about who had the best tone or what the best brand of toilet paper was.  It didn't matter because this was a bunch of people who were on the same wavelength.  Sort of, I guess.  I mean we were all musicians and tended to have strong opinions one way or another about everything, but we all shared that love of music.
That little guitar shop was where I learned that the key to making good music began with just enjoying making music.  I think every musician has noticed when a band has "it".  "It" is what separates the stars from the rest of the crowd.  "It" is less about talent and more about the way the performer can make you feel.  99.99% of the time, the performer that has "it" is just really enjoying making music.  Once a musician loses the love of music, "it" just sort of fades away.
With the arrival of the big box guitar stores, Studio B had to close its doors.  I really missed having a place to got that was both a store and a hangout.  In the back of my mind, I always wanted to open a shop that brought that feeling back.
Years went by.  I never lost the love for music.  I often reminisced about Studio B and frequently talked to my wife about how I would love to start a little shop of my own someday when I retired.  One day, she asked me why I couldn't just go ahead and start it up now.  I did not have a good answer for why I shouldn't do something I always wanted, so I decided to go for it. 
My shop opened for the first time on November 9, 2019 in the Boston Hill Center in downtown Marion.  It kept growing more cluttered with cool gear for guitarists over time.  Eventually, the shop outgrew the space it was in and was moved to the current location in Gas City, Indiana.
From the first day of business, the emphasis has always been on bringing in unique gear for those that like to march to their own drummer.  Every guitarist is different and needs to find the instrument that speaks the best for them--and sometimes that instrument is a little on the weird side.  Guitar maintenance and repair is available along with wiring mods.  There are comfortable seats to take a load off and you're welcome to check out our selection of cool guitars, amps, and pedals. 
My goal is to provide musicians with the tools to enjoy making music and providing maintenance and repairs for them.  In early 2021, I began learning how to make pedals from Rick Crownover, a brilliant guy who has made pedals for some hot pickers like Jason Isbell, Reignwolf, and session cat Brad Sample.  I've branched off with some of my own designs based on classic pedal schematics.  Rick has also taught guitar pedal workshops at guitar stores across the state including here at Player's Gear.  It's pretty fun to build your own distinct effects pedal that honestly sounds pretty good.