Contact/Find Us

We are located at 1034 East Main Street in Gas City, Indiana.

Our phone number is (765) 997-8199.  Call to set up an appointment or to ask a question.

You can contact the shop via email at

You can find the shop in Angle Acres Plaza, behind the Gas City McDonalds.  Our front door is five feet to the right of the entrance to a great Chinese Restaurant, The Oriental Pearl.  It looks like this (the shop is located where the fireworks store was):

DO NOT BELIEVE GOOGLE MAPS.  IT HAS SENT PEOPLE TO THE APARTMENTS BEHIND OUR BUILDING, THE OLD MCDONALDS LOCATION, AND OTHER VARIOUS WRONG PLACES.  All of those places were within a couple of hundred yards of the shop, but still resulted in customers not being able to find the shop.  If you use google maps, have made it to where it says the shop should be, and still can't find the shop, don't let it get you down--just call the shop and a real human being will guide you the rest of the way.