Only Available in the shop!

Items that are only available in the shop.  Stuff that's bulky, stuff that's special, stuff that makes coming in the shop more like going into an old-fashioned music store.

NOT FOR SALE ANYMORE.  Road 440.  Serial number 28!  It's 400 watts.  Built in the 70's in Chanute KS, by Bud Ross after he sold Kustom.  Has a channel for bass and a channel for guitar.  Sounds like a good twin.  It's heavy.  Really heavy.  Really powerful.  Built like a tank.  
$199  Knight speaker cabs.  2 vintage cabs with original 12" speakers.  Ideal for guitar, but they will work for your PA.  They have included attached speaker cables.  The two open-back cabs will clamp together to be transported as a one-piece unit.
$99 Carvin PA head. Mono 100 watts.  Build in EQ.  6 channels.  Carvin PA stuff from the eighties had a reputation for being tough enough to be used by bands that treat their stuff hard.  It's way louder than you would think and the preamps are nice and crisp.  Pair it with a modern set of speakers and you will be amazed.
$139  SKB Model PS-45.  Has the power cables for your pedals included.  Has a built in power conditioner and stereo outs for your stereo pedals.  Also a return and send for using rackmount effects in your signal chain.
$80  SKB PA-25.  Not quite as big, but it's got all the basic features you're looking for in a pedalboard with a soft side carrying bag.  It's seen some time on stage so you can look like a pro, even if you're new to the world of playing in front of people.